Boldt Castle

We had a wonderful day yesterday doing something we had never done before despite living in the area for almost ten years. We took a boat over to tour Boldt Castle.

Here are a few pictures from our day.

First up is a shot of the Power House. Quite the structure for a power generator.

The grounds surrounding the castle are wonderfully maintained.

Here is a shot of Lorraine in front of Alster Tower.

One of many restored rooms in the castle.

And so many boats. Packed with tourists. We got lucky and managed to enter the island during a bit of a lull. I was surprised by the volume of people that came out to visit the castle that day.


Swan Bay Resort

Lovely views of the St. Lawrence River from our coach. We are here for the week.

Upper Canada Village

Lorraine and I were out to Upper Canada Village on Saturday. Perfect summer day. Took my Leica M10 along for the practice and caught some great frames. The shot of the blacksmith above is one of my favourites from the day.

Lots of other characters though. The Asselstine Woolen Mill is powered by water and by steam.

This poor fellow had the joy of tending the flames of the Asselstine Mill’s steam engine during a hot summer day.

The carpenter took great pains to remind us that he worked primarily on fine furniture, not the coarse stuff. Looks like a fairly big axe on his workbench for working on fine furniture.

Then we bumped into the gardener tending the plants at the Crysler Hall. Quite the hat.

The seamstress was getting herself all setup. “Wool,” she told me, “is full of microscopic scales.” I guess that was how she could get her machine going without tying down the wool. Wool just wants to stick to things.

Off to the village printer. Every letter selected by hand and set by hand. A surprising number of font choices and sizes given the manual process of producing a newspaper back then.

Despite all of the wonderful, historic characters at Upper Canada Village, I was thrilled to spend the day with my very favourite person.



We recently downsized our house in the country to a wonderful condo in an historic building in downtown Kingston. And no, it is not the one pictured above. That house is a couple of doors down from where we are located. That house is currently for sale at $2.9 million. Expensive. Especially for Kingston.

I have been taking my new Leica M10 for a test drive around our neighbourhood. There are numerous heritage homes here. Many built in the late 1800s.

Some are freestanding. Many though are built sharing the outside walls of adjacent houses. Like this one.

When these homes were built, people were clearly much, much shorter in height. This doorway might be all of five feet and five inches in height.

Most of the homes in this area share a common laneway to the rear. Several have a side driveway although, as you can see, the driveway is very narrow.

There is a sense of Europe as I walk through this area. Street signs affixed to the corner of buildings.

Another example of a building squeezed between two freestanding houses. I wonder how they got the approval to build this way?

Laneways lead to garages. And living spaces on top of garages.

Here is another example of a beautiful heritage home with two addresses, 155 and 153. You can see 153 on the right hand side. It has an entrance door and a doorbell along with the signage.

From this angle you can see the impressive front entrance for 155. However, I cannot see any way to enter 153. It is surrounded by a fence and there is no stairway on the outside to get to the door.

There are numerous large residences that have been converted into multiple apartments like this one.

Loving the downtown area. Many points of interest.

Viva Las Vegas

I hit 60 years of age last week. Not quite sure how I feel about that marker. Seems old. My wife thought I needed some cheering up and so she planned a special birthday getaway for the two of us. Off to Las Vegas.

Well, not quite Las Vegas. A little bit outside of Las Vegas. A small town called Techatticup.

The flight down to Techatticup was uneventful although the pilot had a bit of a hard landing.

We love travelling in our Class A motorcoach however, given the short period of time we would be down in Vegas, we decided to rent an RV. It was a bit older than we expected but it did have some character.

We stayed at an RV resort about 200 miles from Las Vegas itself. A bit far from all of the action, true, but you can’t beat the rates at this park. And look at the main reception building. Quality, my friend. Quality.

The owners of the RV resort were a bit different than I expected but then again, the U.S. has changed a lot since Trump was elected president.

Entertainment? Elton John was the headliner. Just not at this RV resort.

And, of course, high end shopping was everywhere.

Petoskey Motorcoach Resort


Part of our summer was spent exploring with our new Dutch Star 4002. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Petoskey, Michigan, located in the Upper Peninsula, where we stayed at a beautiful motorcoach resort property. This was a shot of one of the coaches as it was leaving the property. The coach is very similar to ours. The one pictured below is a Dutch Star 4369.


We were located on site 4 of the park.


We enjoyed panoramic views of the property from inside our coach.


This was our view from the front of the coach.


Beautiful sunsets.


Wonderful trip and wonderful memories.


Disney Fantasy At Sea

As we come to the end of our Disney Caribbean Cruise, we enjoyed one more day at sea before we made Port Canaveral.

This was our stateroom for the week.


Lorraine on the grand entrance staircase of the main lobby of the Fantasy.


On deck heading towards the Animator’s Palate restaurant.


One of the details in the main elevator area. Mickey can be found everywhere on this ship.


A couple of views of the main lobby of the Disney Fantasy.



One of the hallways that runs off the main lobby area.


The head table at the Royal Court restaurant. Sadly, we were not seated here.


Artwork was abundant throughout the ship.


The main elevator area for the Cabanas restaurant topside.


Shopping area of the ship.


Lounge chairs on the deck.


Every evening we had a different figure on our bed.


It was a bit more challenging to get a couple’s shot with my camera when we were at dinner so two singles will have to do. We had an amazing time together on this Caribbean cruise. So many great memories.



Castaway Cay


I have posted about Castaway Cay before. I put a few photos up from this same cruise here and I also posted about Castaway Cay when we first visited the island back in 2011. It is such a beautiful spot that I will share a few more photos from our recent Caribbean cruise. This will keep the series of posts about our cruise in chronological order. Castaway Cay was our last port before returning back to Port Canaveral, Florida.

Disney purchased a 99-year lease for the island from the Bahamian government. The lease expires in 2096 so we should be able to go back if we ever take another Caribbean cruise with Disney.

The island is roughly 1,000 acres. Disney has developed about 55 acres. I found out that there are permanent residents on the island. Somewhere around 100 people maintain the property.

Disney created a mooring site for their ships to dock at Castaway Cay which you can see in this photo.


This is the entry point to Castaway Cay. Guests can continue walking out to the beaches or wait for a tram.


We elected to go to Serenity Bay, a second beach area designated for adults only. We had to travel along the runway of Castaway Cay Airport (MYAG) to get to Serenity Bay and we found a few wrecked aircraft like this one.


The beach areas are wonderfully maintained.


There are restaurants and bars nearby although Disney folks will serve you right at the beach. Castaway Air is a bar for the adult beach.


We did bike the island and we found a viewing tower that allowed us to spot this small vessel.


There was always something of interest to see on the beach.


It would not be Disney if there were no shops.


The Heads Up bar is for the family beach.


Water slides at the family beach. Lorraine rode this one a few times.


As our day at Castaway Cay came to a close, we walked back towards the ship. Truly an island paradise.