30 Years Ago

It was 30 years ago today that a young man made his way down the aisle and committed himself in marriage to his lovely wife. We have enjoyed a wonderful journey since the wedding at Wycliffe College Chapel in Toronto on February 3rd, 1979.


New Year’s Eve

My oldest son celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday. We had a great evening. Out to dinner at the Keg followed by a movie and then the countdown to January 1st.

A couple of photos to share. One is Joshua and his sister from 10 years ago. And the second is a shot of the Cleaver men at Joshua’s birthday dinner last night.

So much has happened over those ten years and yet they went by so quickly. I am very proud of my children and I am very proud of this young man.



Christmas Day

Enjoyed a wonderful day with the family. A few photos from Christmas morning. And yes. That is a set of Gretsch Maple Renown drums that found its way on my Christmas list.

I am a lucky guy!







My youngest son completed a “thankfulist” last night. Here it is:

What I’m thankful for and why I’m thankful for it…

My new home… because it’s nice
My family… because they are caring
The sun… because it gives us light
Toys… because what else will I do
My computer… because it’s very effective
My new school… because the people are nice
My new church… because this church gives us respect
My new friends… because they aren’t annoying
My new life… because it’s better and I’m able to change
Being a Christian… because it’s a good choice

Lego Wars

My youngest son was hard at work on his latest epic: Lego Wars. He used a stop animation technique and took hundreds of photos to make the following short.

Pretty impressive for an 11-year old.

New Place

As promised, here are a few shots of the new house. First up is a shot of the rear balcony which spans a little over 80 feet across.

This shot was taken just outside the master bedroom. Two French doors open up to a 24 foot by 16 foot area of that large balcony.

Part of the view of the property from the back of the house. Lots of trees and wide open sky.

And a couple of interior shots. First shows part of the main kitchen and the second shows part of the great room.


My apologies for the somewhat sporadic blogging of late. A lot of change has been happening in our family.

After 30 showings and 40 days on market, we have sold our home. Our last day here will be August 22nd. And although we are thrilled with the sale and with the price that we have received for our home, we now face the task of getting ready to move.

Perhaps the hard work is still ahead but I am looking forward to early September when we are settled into our new house.

The Graduate

A wonderful day for my daughter. She received her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Waterloo.

A very proud father and mother were there to celebrate her achievement. For some reason, I brought my camera. Here are a few photos from the convocation.

Robert Kaplan addressed the convocation. He is well known within business circles for his Balanced Scorecard work. Using the Balanced Scorecard as a framework for life, he gave some excellent insight into career, life, community and family.

His comments on career are similar to others I have heard — pursue a career that you love because you will be working at it for a long time.

He encouraged developing interests outside of work and becoming really, really good at those interests. He also highlighted that giving back to the community was vital. And he spoke of the importance of family.

After the convocation had finished, we went outside to take some pictures and then to a nice restaurant to congratulate our daughter. When the meal had ended, my daughter and I were sitting together in the lounge waiting for my wife. I looked at my daughter and I thought about the time we had spent together over the years.

Certain memories just came to me. When she was not much older than a toddler, I would take her outside on the front porch to watch thunderstorms. I found myself back there.

We used to have a routine where the two of us would do something together. And suddenly I found myself in a bookstore with her. Wandering through the aisles. Lost in the promise of an adventure buried in bindings, paper and ink.

Then I found myself thinking about the trip the two of us took together to Walt Disney World.

All of those memories, and many more, went through my mind as I looked at this wonderful young lady. I am so proud of her.