Entries by Richard Cleaver

Mission Accomplished

I was back in session last night. We tracked an upright bass and captured some excellent tones. I heard back from the bassist this morning and he gave me some feedback on his experience: “Thanks again for the opportunity to record in your studio. I was buzzed all the way home with the tone you […]

I’d Rather Record

I could not do any session work last night even though I have quite a backlog of work. I am working on final mixes for a live recording event that I did late last year. I am working through another set of final mixes for a project which has been running on now for almost […]

Technology Woes

I have a lot of technology in the studio. I am always looking for ways to use technology effectively to solve audio engineering problems. One problem that I used to face was how to remote control Pro Tools. In the past I used to set up in the control room and try to manage guitar, […]

Welcome To My Blog

This journal is now online. You may find a couple of broken links on these pages as I am still working on the blog. Be patient. I should have it finished real soon. This blog will be a bit different from the session logs off of my studio website. I will be capturing interesting aspects […]