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It’s a Hit

When I finally decided to put up a website for the studio I did not think that it would see much activity. I run a private facility with a small clientele. I thought that the site might be a convenient way to share information about some of the projects we work on as well as […]

Countryman E6

Last week I was doing live sound and the primary wireless microphone elected to go south. Much as I suspected the issue was improper handling and the cable had developed a short where it connects to the battery pack. I had the microphone repaired for a mere $15. I also took the opportunity to order […]

AdrenaLinn Rush

I am tracking a lot of guitar lately and for one of the projects I am producing I really wanted to get some new sounds. I had read about Roger Linn’s new guitar pedal which is called the AdrenaLinn II. The AdrenaLinn II is an effects processor for guitar, keyboard or bass that combines a […]

Beta Monkey

Chris of Beta Monkey Drum Loops and Samples was posting to the recording.org site looking for comments on the Audix D6 microphone. He is thinking about using the D6 in place of the AKG 112 to track the kick drum. I picked up an Audix D6 a few months back and I have not looked […]


Fergus Marsh recorded bass guitar tracks for one of the projects I am working on in the studio. Fergus has worked with a number of notable artists including Bruce Cockburn and Steve Bell. He has also worked with an old friend of mine Glen Soderholm. Fergus is an outstanding musician and he has mastered an […]


Although most of my recording work is done on the other side of the glass I still have many performance opportunities live and in studio. There are times when I contribute directly to projects that I am producing. Such was the case last night as I tracked a number of guitar parts for a current […]

Blown Away

First stage test of the new Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue (DRRI) yesterday. Absolutely remarkable sound! Over the past few months I have played a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, a Fender Custom Vibrolux, a Mesa Boogie F50 and now the DRRI. I have found an absolutely stunning amplifier in the DRRI. A number of players […]

Latency and the Quest for Tone

Last week was especially hectic and I did not have the opportunity to update this blog. One of the threads I was looking into last week was the quest to improve the current guitar rig that I use. I returned my Mesa Boogie F-50 for a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue. Actually, I tried a […]