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Success with Pro Tools 6.4

Pro Tools 6.4 was successfully deployed. I had to upgrade the primary DAW to XP Service Pack 1 first. I run 9 computers on the network and the primary DAW is the only machine that has not been patched with SP1. This was a deliberate strategy on my part to ensure a stable platform for […]

Time for a Pro Tools Upgrade?

Time for yet another upgrade. I am at the point where I think I need to beef up the primary Studio DAW. The primary will then become the secondary for MIDI, GigaSampler, etc. At one time I used to enjoy the constant upgrading but now I find I am far more concerned about introducing change […]

Steve Bell and Jody Cross

Last night I did live sound for part of the Steve Bell concert that was held in Newmarket (just north of Toronto). I mixed the Jody Cross opening act and watched the console feed from Steve Bell’s setup come through the main house. Not much pressure so I could really sit back and enjoy Steve’s […]

Solid State Logic Control Surface

I have noticed an interesting trend taking shape. More manufacturers are introducing analog + control surface consoles. Digidesign has offered this type of technology for some time now but the high penetration of DAWs into all types of recording venues has increased market demand. I also think that the summing controversy still rages on… more […]

Buzz and Hum

The studio environment is misleading. There is such tight control over sound that the notion of errant noise in the form of buzzing and humming is unthinkable. Such noise does occur when musicians bring in their instruments. Amplifiers, drumkits, pickups can all present challenges with noise. I spent a great deal of time improving my […]

Mission Accomplished

I was back in session last night. We tracked an upright bass and captured some excellent tones. I heard back from the bassist this morning and he gave me some feedback on his experience: “Thanks again for the opportunity to record in your studio. I was buzzed all the way home with the tone you […]

I’d Rather Record

I could not do any session work last night even though I have quite a backlog of work. I am working on final mixes for a live recording event that I did late last year. I am working through another set of final mixes for a project which has been running on now for almost […]

Technology Woes

I have a lot of technology in the studio. I am always looking for ways to use technology effectively to solve audio engineering problems. One problem that I used to face was how to remote control Pro Tools. In the past I used to set up in the control room and try to manage guitar, […]