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Tacx Neo Strange Noises

Normally, the Tacx Neo is a very quiet trainer. But not today. Today it made these sounds: I reached out to my friends on the Tacx Neo Owner’s Facebook Group. Very helpful feedback from everyone there. I had the following suggestions: index the rear derailleur, tighten the rear cassette, and contact Tacx support. I did […]

Audio Work

In a few weeks time I will be doing some work on a live recording project. I think part of this work includes me doing the actual recording on site. Which I am fine to do. Except that I have no remote recording equipment. I had sent a note out earlier to clarify whether I […]

Travel Photography 20 Years Ago

This is a high resolution scan of a print from a shot that I took at a family vacation in Walt Disney World. Based on the age of my children from the other prints of the vacation, this was about 20 years ago. I’m not sure what camera I was using at the time. Cameras […]


In just a few weeks we will be moving into our home on wheels. The picture above was taken when we last had our coach out back in September of 2017. It has been just about a year of waiting since then. The coach becomes home for us late September. We’ll be in Canada for […]

Is That A Stock Photo?

I have a couple more amps up for sale on Reverb. And, as it happens every time I post photos on Reverb, I get messaged by someone asking me if these are the “real” photos of the amp or if are they stock photos. Reverb won’t upload stock images if the listing is for a […]

Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway

This was one of the last photos I took of Norway, just as we were leaving Flam. I would have to say that Norway was one of the most stunning places I have ever visited. The landscapes were truly amazing. I came across this video highlighting a very large scale infrastructure project to connect the […]


Bugs. Computer bugs. Most will credit Grace Hopper with establishing the use of the word “bug” to describe a problem with computers. A dead moth had been found in Harvard’s Mark II computer and Hopper used the term to identify the issue. Literally, a bug was found inside the computer. However, the use of the […]

Nikon Zee or Zed

The end of the DSLR? Nikon finally revealed two mirrorless cameras today. A necessary response to the market demand for sophisticated mirrorless cameras. Thom Hogan offers a thoughtful post on the re-entry of Nikon into the mirrorless world. Finally, here’s the dirt simple truth. The three primary sources of camera purchase are: New users (e.g. […]