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Pete Thorn In Toronto Today

One day I would like to play like Pete Thorn. Such a talented and tasteful guitarist. My friends at Cosmo Music had sent me an invitation to come out to a workshop Pete is holding there today. As I am currently travelling in Florida, I wasn’t able to make it. I’ve watched pretty much all […]

Mesa Boogie Roadster Repair

Having had a dual rectifier, I can relate to the challenge for an amp tech to troubleshoot and resolve issues as these are very complicated amps. Although the video is long at roughly 45 minutes, I found it, well, really engaging, almost like a mystery novel. The Guitologist is quite the tech. So much circuitry […]

The Training

Taking stock, thinking about where you might be over time, setting up goals and objectives, all of that really doesn’t mean anything without consistent actions. One of Thomas Edison’s famous quotes: Vision without execution is hallucination. I would add to his quote: small actions, applied consistently over time, yield amazing outcomes. And so it is with […]

The Program

Just beginning the journey to becoming a better jazz guitarist. I’ve taken stock of where I am as a player and where I want to be in six months and out five years — should I still be on planet Earth. To build a program to keep me on track, I needed to address four […]

Take Stock

Although aimed at the jazz guitar student, the lessons I have been taking are widely applicable to other pursuits in life. I was asked to do the following as part of my jazz guitar training: Take Inventory Dream Define Long-Term Goals Define Short-Term Goals Take Inventory Here I was asked to identify my musical victories, […]

Become The Best Jazz Guitarist

I forgot to add: “you can be” to the title above. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time now. Almost 50 years. And, in a moment of excitement at the prospect of having more time in retirement, I set a goal of becoming a better jazz guitarist over the next few years. I’m not […]


Having recently retired, I thought I would get all of this free time back into my life. In a way, that much is true. Only I have been filling it up. Big time. This weekend I will be recording and doing front of house for a concert event on the Saturday evening and then an […]