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The Duel

Is it real? Yes. Does it sound real? Of course it does. Does it sound like an amp? The duel can take many shapes and forms. Duelling solos, duelling guitars, duelling pianos, even duelling banjos. But what if this isn’t a duel? What if it is just a platform to make music that sounds good? […]


A new modelling platform — at least new for me — arrives later today. The Helix Line 6. I opted for the floor model and not the Helix LT primarily because I needed the extra I/O that the floor provides. I have been running a Fractal AX8 for the past year or so. The units […]

Double Your Skill Level in 3 Months

A new year awaits. Improving your guitar skills may be on your list of objectives for the year. When I started playing, which was before the Internet, it was challenging to find a good guitar teacher and to find resources to help me improve my skills quickly and efficiently. The online world offers so many […]

Best Selling Pedals of 2018

My guitar rig from a couple of years back. Guitars, amps and pedals galore. Reverb recently published their list of the best selling pedals of 2018. I would take the list as it is. An attempt to summarize new and used sales of pedals. It might be representative of the overall market or it might […]

Mixing the Low End

Getting the low end right in a mix is challenging especially if you are listening in a compromised sound field. There are tactics that you can use to get the low end of a mix to fit well into the bigger picture. iZotope posted seven tips for the mixing the low end. At some point, […]

From Demo to Master

I know, I know. The folks at Waves provide these courses as a way to sell you their plugins. And that is fine with me. I’ve found that even if I don’t buy the plugins, and right now I have way too many of them on my Pro Tools rig, there are always some good […]