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Best Selling Pedals of 2018

My guitar rig from a couple of years back. Guitars, amps and pedals galore. Reverb recently published their list of the best selling pedals of 2018. I would take the list as it is. An attempt to summarize new and used sales of pedals. It might be representative of the overall market or it might […]

Mixing the Low End

Getting the low end right in a mix is challenging especially if you are listening in a compromised sound field. There are tactics that you can use to get the low end of a mix to fit well into the bigger picture. iZotope posted seven tips for the mixing the low end. At some point, […]

From Demo to Master

I know, I know. The folks at Waves provide these courses as a way to sell you their plugins. And that is fine with me. I’ve found that even if I don’t buy the plugins, and right now I have way too many of them on my Pro Tools rig, there are always some good […]

Too Close to Call?

The gap between the sound of a tube amp and a modelled or profiled amp is almost too close to call these days. The benefits of a modeller over a tube amp are pretty compelling particularly if portability is important. ML Sound Labs posted this video comparing the sounds between a Mesa, Fractal, Helix and […]

A Pro Guitar Rig

So many guitars. So many pedals. So many amps. Before the great retirement purge, I had so much gear. I still have gear but significantly reduced from before. I have become more of a rightsized guitarist. I’m travelling out of the country now with two guitars and a Fractal AX8. Seems to cover most of […]

How To Setup A Bass Guitar

I don’t usually work on other guitars. After all, I am not a luthier or a guitar tech. But, with owning many guitars and interacting with some great techs over the years, I have a pretty good handle on the basics. I’ll be setting up a Squier Jaguar Bass later today. The instrument seems to […]

Guitar Sales Statistics

Some interesting statistics on guitar sales. Last year, the Washington Post carried a story on the death of the electric guitar. The various retail reports that I have read show a steady decline in the sales of electric guitars down from about 1.5 million in 2008 to just over 1 million in 2017. Acoustic guitars, […]

Fender American Performer

The folks at Fender told me about a new series that they are producing called the American Performer. They really covered the bases in terms of marketing on the web. There is coverage everywhere on this product launch. From Fender’s news release: Handcrafted in Corona, Calif., the American Performer Series elevates the standards of performance-grade instruments for […]