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You Have Been Warned

Gibson is obviously grasping at straws. Although they have taken the “Play Authentic” video down, it was basically a threat to any and all guitar builders that Gibson will be doing the lawsuit thing to enforce their trademarks. Corporate, faceless suits. My good friend Leon says it best. Of course, the original video can still […]

Les Paul Time Lapse Build

Guitars are beautiful instruments. Second from the left is my 1976 Gibson Les Paul. Despite being over 40 years old, that guitar still plays like new. And it looks great for its age. I never really appreciated just how complex a job it is to build a Les Paul style guitar until I came across […]

Apartment Guitarists: Your Rig

This thread on apartment guitar rigs was trending on The Gear Page. Most players seemed to be using their amps in their apartments. Very challenging to get great tone from an amp at low volume levels. I tried. I bought this amazing Swart STR Tremolo: Love this amp. Rated at 5 watts, it is still […]

Allen and Heath GLD-80

Haven’t ever used one. I’ve worked on all sorts of consoles over the years, from the big SSL and Neve desks all the way down to the small Soundcraft and Mackie mixers. On the digital side, many churches install the Behringer X32 console. Decent board, easy to navigate. I have only just started seeing the […]

Multitracks.com Adds Kemper Profiles

It was only a matter of time before Kemper profiles would find their way on multitracks.com. Somewhat expensive though. Nigel’s profiles are priced out at $30 USD each. Not sure why this hadn’t happened earlier. I wonder if they will do the same for Helix or leave that part of the market to Worship Tutorials. […]

Tim Pierce on Joe Perry’s Pedalboard

I am a big fan of Tim Pierce. Not only is he a great player, Tim is a great contributor to the guitar community. I’ve learned a lot from his YouTube channel. You can learn more about Tim at his website over here. He recently posted a video on pedalboards. I found it interesting to […]

Rocking The Empire Ears

Making far more use of in-ear systems for monitoring. I suspect the days of playing live with wedges on stage will be behind me for the most part. Most of my playing will be on silent stages. Earphones become significantly more important in this context. I had a pair of Shure SE425 earphones. They were […]