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Tone Junkies and IRs

Just what I need. More Impulse Responses for my Line 6 Helix. I have the following IRs: Allure Pack Celestion Cream Celestion Heritage Live Ready Sound Michael Britt OwnHammer 212 VC 30 OwnHammer Class-A Duo How many IR files? Thousands. So many IRs, so little time. I’ll be candid. I look at what a few […]

Stairway To Heaven

This song had a profound impact on me as a teenager. Released in 1971, it was the song for a guitarist to learn. So much so that it became overplayed in guitar shops across the world leading to many of them posting “No Stairway” signs. Every time I watch this video from 2012, it brings […]

Gibson: New CEO, New Vision

“We want to continue to be the most relevant, we want to be the most played and we want to be the most loved guitar brand again.” James Curleigh and his new leadership team have a lot of work ahead of them to achieve that vision. When you build poor quality instruments and charge a […]

Line 6 Relay G10S

My friends at Line 6 confirmed a new product from the NAMM show: the Relay G10s. I knew that this product was coming out and it is now official. Sweetwater is showing the product in stock at $250 USD. I suspect the other online retailers will soon be listing the product. I’ve been holding off […]

Kemper? Fractal? Helix?

Kemper? Fractal? Helix? Which one should I buy? Or should I just stick with an amp? I’ve seen these questions posted time and time again. Some of the posts can be quite funny especially when someone asks a Fractal user group whether they should buy a Kemper or a Helix. Any guesses on the answers? […]

The Duel

Is it real? Yes. Does it sound real? Of course it does. Does it sound like an amp? The duel can take many shapes and forms. Duelling solos, duelling guitars, duelling pianos, even duelling banjos. But what if this isn’t a duel? What if it is just a platform to make music that sounds good? […]