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History of the Roland JC-120 Amp

“I’d rather chew glass than play through a solid state amp.” This from a hardcore guitarist who was clearly committed to his tube amplifier. When I was first touring, the state of the art of a sound system was not like it is today. Those systems were more of a sound reinforcement system, that is […]

Too Many Plugins

How many plugins do I own? Too many. How many plugins do I use? Just a few. But lately it has gone way out of control. Like a guitar player buying yet another overdrive pedal, I have fallen into the shiney new toy syndrome. SSL had been running an essentials bundle sale: a channel strip […]


What one thing has travelled with you for most of your life? For me it is a guitar. I don’t remember all of the details around when I first brought the guitar home. Steve Kirman, of Steve’s Music in Montreal, sold me the guitar. I was young. It was my first big purchase and my […]

Shoreline Church

Shoreline. That one is in Toronto. I, on the other hand, am referring to a church in Austin, Texas. A megachurch. Somewhere around 8,000 or so people attend each week. My friends at Avid invited me to a webinar with a couple of the production staff and Brown Note Productions to learn about their complete […]

Blame the Sound Person

Pity the poor sound volunteer. Often pressed into service to do the seemingly impossible: make everything sound good. If it sounds bad? It’s their fault. If it sounds too loud? It’s their fault. If it sounds too soft? It’s their fault. The switch to livestream made an already challenging role even more challenging. Many churches […]

New Guitar Days are the Best Days

Too many guitars? Impossible. That’s like saying too many pieces of art. There is always room for one more. Well, no, I do not need any more guitars. Except the one that is getting picked up today. I am blessed with a wonderful collection of guitars that I have built up over almost 50 years […]

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Never good enough. Three words that I should have left behind me many, many years ago. Those three words have been with me through my school years, my work years, and with literally every activity I have pursued in my life. Even now, as I officially enter my senior years, I live with this fear, […]

What The Cool Kids Play

Fender. A brand that dominates the global guitar marketplace. That market for guitars is estimated to be somewhere around $4 Billion. Fender is a private company so it is a bit of a mystery in terms of their financial performance. But they have been around since 1946. They own and license the following brands: Fender, […]