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A new Strymon pedal was just announced. The cloudburst seems to be a smaller version of the Big Sky although with a much simpler interface. I’ve not used one so I can’t really comment further.

However I have been looking at changing up a few things on my pedalboard.

It started with the Eventide H90. I purchased that pedal when it first came out. And it is awesome. So many wonderful sounds in there.

But I had to punt my Big Sky off the pedalboard to make room for the H90. Here is what the pedalboard looks like right now.

Most of the signal flow is being managed by the Mastermind except for the top row (compressor, Iridium, Timeline, H90).

What I would like to do is remove the POG and the Julia chorus as I can readily get those sounds from the H90. I would then route the second IO in the H90 through the Mastermind for mono effects like pitch shifting and keep the first IO for the stereo effects like delays and reverbs. I could also put the H90 chorus sounds either before or after the amp modeller, the Strymon Iridium in this case.

That would free up some space on the bottom of the pedalboard where I could add something like the cloudburst or perhaps the Jet Revelation. The Julia pedal would be replaced by one of those pedals.

The POG would come off and allow room for a two-button switch for the Mastermind or possibly another pedal.

I have the H90, the Timeline and the Iridium connected via a MIDI hub which is driven by the MIDI commands from the MasterMind. Both the Jet and the cloudburst support MIDI and I have additional capacity to plug them into my MIDI hub which lives underneath the pedalboard.

Current pedalboard requires multiple offline editors to set up tones: RJM Mastermind, Strymon Nixie, Eventide H90. I guess that is just the nature of the beast these days.

Still debating between the cloudburst and the Jet Revelation.

Here is a video comparing the Jet to the Big Sky. Looks like I could get most of the reverb tones I might need from the Strymon like Shimmer, Cloud and Bloom and the Jet seems to get a lot of good reviews online.

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