Noble Street Opens Studio G

Noble Street Studios, my favourite recording studio in Toronto, just opened their newest room, Studio G.

The studio manager had walked me through the room while it was still under construction and, to my delight, asked me to shoot the room for their marketing work. I had already done all of the photography for the other rooms at Noble Street and it was wonderful to go into this new room and capture all of the amazing equipment. I plan to be doing some mix work in Studio G in 2023.

This console was originally installed in a private studio in California, then it was installed in Pete Townshend’s (The Who) home studio. Neither studio saw much use so it is still in great shape, quite possibly the cleanest and most advanced SSL G+ in existence.

Here is the floorplan of Studio G:

The room is set up for stereo and Atmos and has a design that brings you into the music. The outboard gear is incredible.

Here are a few photos of the new room.

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