Shoreline Church

Shoreline. That one is in Toronto. I, on the other hand, am referring to a church in Austin, Texas. A megachurch. Somewhere around 8,000 or so people attend each week.

My friends at Avid invited me to a webinar with a couple of the production staff and Brown Note Productions to learn about their complete production workflow.

Not really all that complete mind you. The webinar focused primarily on how Shoreline was using Avid products for their audio production.

The session was posted to YouTube and if you are interested you can give it a look.

What stood out from the discussion for me was how much money that church had invested in their audio production. For example, this was a shot of their broadcast room:

Acoustically treated room. Beautiful desk. And what else do I see there? Might those be a pair of Barefoot MicroMain 27s? A fully decked out S4? An Avid Matrix?

Equipment and buildout costs were not mentioned however a room like that would easily exceed $500,000 in Canada.

The topology of the audio environment that was shared on the webinar looks like this:

They have an S6L-32D for FOH and an S6L-24D for monitors along with the S4. A couple of E6L engines, a 24×24 IO for the broadcast space and a Stage 64. The FOH and Monitor consoles, along with the engines, would run about $400,000 up here in Canada. Without installation costs and all of the related cable plant. Not hard to envision a couple of million for that installation not including the rest of the FOH, lighting, and video components.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to mix behind an S6L or an S4. But that is some serious money for a church to spend on audio.

Definitely state of the art.

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