New Guitar Days are the Best Days

Too many guitars? Impossible. That’s like saying too many pieces of art. There is always room for one more.

Well, no, I do not need any more guitars. Except the one that is getting picked up today.

I am blessed with a wonderful collection of guitars that I have built up over almost 50 years of playing. And I hope to continue playing for many more years.

I will be serving in Florida for a few months at the end of this year and I do not want to use any of my existing guitars. For better or worse they are either too valuable or too cherished for out of country gigs.

I’m picking up a PRS S2 Vela. It is not a student level guitar nor a premium high-end guitar. Something in the middle. A good value for the money type of guitar of which there are many choices in that price band.

If it gets damaged or stolen, I won’t be too upset as it would be easily replaced.

I may keep it or I might sell it once I get back to Canada.

My first offset guitar and certainly a unique tone stack. Looking forward to playing it later today.

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