Pedals on the Pedalboard

How many pedals? How much money?

Whenever I watch pedalboard tours, like this one by David Hislop, it is easy enough to answer the first question.

But what about the second question? How much does it cost to put together a pedalboard like that one? Or, for that matter, the pedalboards we often see being used by local praise and worship guitar players?

Fret no more if you have wandered by this post. I will share the pedals from my latest pedalboard build and the cost of those pedals. Where I used pedals that I already owned, I marked them as “Old” and listed the replacement cost.

All in Canadian dollars. All with taxes and shipping charges (if applicable).


Here goes:

Those costs do not include the pedalboard, the looper/switcher, the wiring and connectors.

Can you really spend $8,000 – 10,000 on a pedalboard build?


I’ll detail the wiring and connectors in another post but for now it is easy enough to understand the appeal of products like the Line 6 Helix Floor and the HX Stomp. You get a lot of mileage for the money with those products.

You have to be really committed to the craft to invest this heavily into the gear.

I have a fly rig with an HX stomp, tuner, overdrive, power supply and pedalboard. Even that rig is close to $1,500 all in.

Pedalboards and pedals are amazing tone machines.

They are also very expensive to build.

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