Adds Kemper Profiles

It was only a matter of time before Kemper profiles would find their way on Somewhat expensive though. Nigel’s profiles are priced out at $30 USD each. Not sure why this hadn’t happened earlier. I wonder if they will do the same for Helix or leave that part of the market to Worship Tutorials.

The preset market, whether for Kemper or Helix, is still largely a cottage industry, typically run on a best effort basis by the passion of the individual preset creator.

Bringing this part of the market into commercial sites like signals a pretty interesting shift in how churches can equip musicians. I can see a scenario where a worship leader not only sets the parts for a guitarist but integrates a link to the specific preset for the song to download straight into a Kemper of Helix. No more worries about how the guitar rig might sound on a Sunday. Might still have to worry about the talent of the player.

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