Tone Junkies and IRs

Just what I need. More Impulse Responses for my Line 6 Helix.

I have the following IRs:

  • Allure Pack
  • Celestion Cream
  • Celestion Heritage
  • Live Ready Sound
  • Michael Britt
  • OwnHammer 212 VC 30
  • OwnHammer Class-A Duo

How many IR files?


So many IRs, so little time.

I’ll be candid. I look at what a few other players I respect are using and I try those IRs. I simply do not have time to audition all of the various IRs in my tiny little collection.

Cabs that are closed back, open back, or blended. Cabs mic’d with either Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, Shure mics or some combination. Too many choices!

But I will buy the IRs from Tone Junkies.

Just because I like the Tone Junkies.

You can find them here.

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