The Duel

Is it real? Yes.

Does it sound real? Of course it does.

Does it sound like an amp?

The duel can take many shapes and forms. Duelling solos, duelling guitars, duelling pianos, even duelling banjos.

But what if this isn’t a duel? What if it is just a platform to make music that sounds good?

First few days with the Helix have been wonderful. Love the workflow, and love the tones.

You can watch and listen to this video and draw your own conclusions about the role of amps versus modellers. Does the Helix sound like an amp? Or does it even matter anymore? Isn’t the point to create a good tone?

Most of the people commenting on the video below got it wrong. If we are at the stage where it becomes challenging to tell the difference, then modellers are more than good enough. I know which tone I preferred in the video and it happened to be the Helix. Yours might be the amp.

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