Double Your Skill Level in 3 Months

A new year awaits.

Improving your guitar skills may be on your list of objectives for the year.

When I started playing, which was before the Internet, it was challenging to find a good guitar teacher and to find resources to help me improve my skills quickly and efficiently.

The online world offers so many resources for guitarists. There really is very little reason to remain stagnant. Passion and commitment. That is all it takes to get better at pretty much anything in life.

I had not come across Claus Levin before nor had I visited the Guitar Mastery website.

I am going to try a couple of his courses and see what they are like. There are some soloing techniques that look interesting to me and may give my improvisation skills a bit of a kick in 2019.

This was the video that connected me to the Guitar Mastery website. Claus is a uniquely persuasive communicator and a great player.

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