The Trick

I was prepared to tighten the cassette and grease the cassette body as per this instruction from Tacx to deal with the strange noise coming from the Neo.

I did not have the tools to tighten the cassette ring and so I dropped by my friends at J&J Cycle to pick them up. They insisted that they would do the work on the Neo for me.

We pretty much followed the guidance from the Tacx support page and the Shane Miller video on basic maintenance for the Tacx Neo.

The cassette was a bit loose when we took a look at the unit. And, upon removing the cassette assembly, part of the freehub had never been greased.

A good cleaning, followed by a thorough greasing of the requisite components and a firm tightening of the cassette, and then the big test.

I rode “The Trick” on Sufferfest this morning. A tough ride and one that puts a lot of load on a trainer.

Everything was smooth and quiet.

Problem resolved.

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