Audio Work

In a few weeks time I will be doing some work on a live recording project.

I think part of this work includes me doing the actual recording on site. Which I am fine to do. Except that I have no remote recording equipment.

I had sent a note out earlier to clarify whether I was expected to bring a remote recording rig — which I would rent for the event — and I have not yet heard back from the event itself. I guess I’d better get busy on that one. Enough of being retired and sleeping all the time.

I’m doing an audio training session the next day in the same city. Fortunately, for that session, I don’t require a recording rig.

I will require a bit of help though. A lot of material to cover in a couple of hours and trying to teach audio engineering without doing any audio engineering is very challenging. The best approach is hands on with a live band. But it will just be me. I might try doing a few things with my laptop as a proxy.

Getting ready for the upcoming work gave me a chance to look back on some of my material, doing before and after passes and the difference that a mix can bring to recorded tracks.


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