On Its Way

I had posted about a recent experience at Jump Plus here which pushed me to use an online retailer to replace my aging iMac.

I watched the order as it went through these various stages:

  • Order Placed:Your order has been placed.
    We”™ve received your order and payment information. Though you can”™t make changes to your order right now, you”™ll be able to when we start preparing your order.
  • Order In Progress:Your order will be available soon.
    We have all the information needed to complete your order. As soon as the item is ready, we”™ll send you an update and prepare the shipment. You can still make changes to the order at this point.
  • Preparing to Ship:Your order is being prepared for shipment.
    We”™re completing some final details before we ship your order. As soon as it ships, we”™ll email you the delivery information. At this point, you can no longer make changes to the order.
  • Shipped:Your order has shipped.
    You can use the “Track Shipment” button to follow your package online. This information will be available within the first 24 hours of shipment.
  • Delivered:Your order was delivered.
    The package has been dropped off at the shipping address specified in your order. If you need to return any part of your order, you can initiate the process online.

This particular iMac was a custom order and Apple had it ready to go in just a few days.

It was shipped yesterday from Fremont, California and it will arrive at my home in Kingston tomorrow.

Pretty impressive. I remember when it used to take weeks, even months, for an order from the U.S. to make its way into Canada.

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