Massive Relative Effort

I must admit that I hadn’t noticed this feature on Strava before now. I think it might be new.

I had a tough ride this morning climbing most of the way up the Alpe Du Zwift.

I followed the Road To Sky route. This visual gives you a bit of a sense as to the challenge of the Alpe Du Zwift. It is a nasty one.

I can’t get that route done in an hour. Second attempt and I was only able to get to signpost 7 — short about 4 kms. I’ll have more time to spend on the route this weekend. Feels like it might take me about 90 minutes to finish. Such a tough climb.

Must get to the top though!

At my age, my theoretical maximum heart rate is 159 although I can sustain efforts above that heart rate.

When I checked my heart rate stats after the ride, I was above 150bpm for the entire climb. Strava confirmed what my body had already told me: I had suffered.

Massively suffered.

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