Selling Stuff On Reverb With Canada Post

I’ve generally had good experiences using Canada Post for shipping gear that I have sold on Reverb. But every once in a while, something happens and I have to deal with the inability of a courier to meet a delivery standard.

In this case, it was the sale of this pedal, the Hotcake:


Great overdrive for a Vox style amp. Which is weird for me because I don’t play through Vox style amps. What was I thinking?

So many overdrives, so little time.

Anyway, I sold the pedal to a really nice person who lived in a rural area of Quebec. The delivery standard was not met by Canada Post and the buyer became a bit concerned and asked me to intervene.

Here was the discussion:


And it was completely out of my hands. I contacted Canada Post a couple of times and I was told, in effect, that the package will get there when the package gets there. One of the decisions a seller makes when using Reverb is how much to pay for shipping. Faster, guaranteed delivery costs more. And for a rural location, it can cost a lot more. The buyer is really not interested in paying any more than necessary to ship a package, especially when it is something as low cost as a guitar pedal. But when a standard gets set by the courier, 4 working days in this case, it can be quite frustrating when a package sits for almost another week without any change in status.

The pedal did finally make its way to the buyer.

Better late than never.

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