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116 days until retirement.

And 123 days until our retirement celebration cruise. We are making our way over to Europe and we will be spending time visiting Hamburg for a few days as well as Norway for a nine-day cruise on the Norwegian Jade.

We have booked a stateroom that you can make out on the front of the ship, just below the bridgeline. There are six large balconies and our stateroom balcony is the second one in from the starboard (right) side of the ship. We will always know where the ship is heading and, more importantly, we should have some wonderful views of the fjords.

Our cruise itinerary looks like this:

First time visiting Hamburg and first time visiting Norway. Lorraine and I are very excited about the upcoming trip.

As we have been making our bookings for our flights, shore hotels, shore excursions and ship dining, it is finally beginning to dawn on me that retirement is only about four months from now.

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