Fremont Street Experience

And what an experience it was. Such a dramatic contrast between the strip and Fremont street.

Here is one of the main roads into Fremont:

And on the strip:

The covered walking mall experience on Fremont:

The indoor mall experience at the Venetian:

The shops at Fremont:

The shops on the strip:

Specialty retailers on Fremont:

And on the strip:

Wonderful eateries on Fremont — meal is free if you weigh over 350 pounds:

Dining is a touch different on the strip:

Our uber driver described the Fremont Street experience as “working class” compared to the “upper class” experience on the strip. There are some tacky spots on the strip as well however the differences are quite stark between the two environments.

First time we had gone to Fremont. It was interesting to spend a few hours walking around the place.

Not sure I would book a vacation there.

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