Death Valley

One of the most unique areas in the world: Death Valley. Aptly named because of the harsh environment. Not so bad in the winter months. We visited in late February and the temperatures stayed below 20 Celsius. Perfect weather to hike and explore the twenty mule team canyon.

There is a gravel road and a relatively short loop for visitors to drive through the canyon. But really, what fun is there in just driving by this landscape?

We parked our rental car and decided to make our way into the canyon on foot. The picture below gives you a bit of a scale for the mountains that surround the canyon. Most of them reach several hundred feet providing for some great views of the park.

This perspective shows the main road into Death Valley towards the upper right of the frame.

And looking away from the road, these are the mountains. You can hike along the ridgeline on most of them. And we did.

We started with the smaller ones. Here Lorraine is across from me on a ridgeline.

We kept climbing higher and higher.

Although difficult to judge the height from this angle, Lorraine made it to the very top ridgeline on one of the highest points in the canyon.

And from there we were rewarded with some awesome views.

We spent several hours hiking this part of Death Valley before climbing back down and returning to our vehicle.

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