I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Another video from our Celebrate Christmas event. First gig with my Collings Eastside LC guitar and a bit of a tough tune to execute on guitar. Overall, pleased with how well the instrument played. I was fighting the resonance a little bit in the hall as I would with most any archtop although it recorded without a hint of feedback.

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Collings + Fingers + Swart = TONE! Now that’s a jazz tone – nicely done Richard……when’s the solo jazz album being released? 🙂


      • Rob Haskell
        Rob Haskell says:

        Ok, thought I saw the Swart in the background – you go live to the FOH then? In any event, Tone, tone, tone…….we’ll give the benefit of the doubt to your fingers and experience! Ha ha….R

        • Richard Cleaver
          Richard Cleaver says:

          The Swart was there as a stage prop. I didn’t have it turned on. The Kemper was out to the FOH via the stereo XLRs. I was using in-ears for my monitor. I had an iPad which controlled my monitor mix — we were using a Midas digital console — and I had several guitarists in the audience who also thought I was playing through the Swart. That said, I spent a LOT of time tone shaping the Kemper for this event. The Jazz set was based off of a 1965 Vibrolux Reverb. Great sounding amp… er… profile 🙂


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