One Last Time, Maybe

In my work, I receive a lot of email. Three hundred, four hundred or more everyday.

And I receive a lot of unsolicited emails from vendors. Upwards of 100 or more on some days. Google is doing a pretty good job directing them into spam. I still have to check though, just in case there is something there that requires my attention.

Every so often I see a subject line that gives me hope. Hope that I might receive less email in a day. Like the one above.

Captioned “Connecting One Last Time” and complete with a forward of a chain of half a dozen similar emails was this dire warning: “I will plan on reconnecting in a month, unless you let you know…”

Hmmm. Unless I let myself know that I am ready to evaluate their services sooner.

I plan to let myself be kept in the dark on this one.

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