Skip Prokop Passes Away

Skip Prokop spent a lot of time in my Toronto studio. We worked on a couple of projects together for his son Jamie. I had known Skip for many years, way back in the late 70s and early 80s when I was a session player. We lost touch and reconnected after many years and then started working together on Mercy Train.

Skip died yesterday. I loved the man and it really hurts to see him gone. He was strong in his faith and I know that he is home in heaven now. He lived an incredible life.

A few shots to share from the time we had together.

Skip cared deeply for his son Jamie. And Jamie is an exceptional talent. Much like his father.

This was the kit that Skip used most of the time when playing live. Skip also played Monolith drums. For many of the sessions, we used the Monolith kit. Bill Hibbs provided Skip with a lot of support. Monolith drums was co-founded by April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer and Bill Hibbs.

Skip had a rare musical talent as well as terrific production skills. He knew how to draw the very best out of a musician.

I did live sound for one of Mercy Train’s concert events and my wife, Lorraine, caught this shot of Jamie playing on stage with his dad. This was the first public performance for Mercy Train at an outdoor concert in Ontario. They were on the same card as Casting Crowns. The band was outstanding and it was really impressive to see just how amazing Skip and Jamie were as live players. Skip was in his early sixties at the time. He was still very much a monster player.

Very sad to learn of Skip’s passing. I’ll treasure the time we spent together.

Goodbye, old friend.

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  1. Jamie Prokop
    Jamie Prokop says:

    I didn’t see this until right now!! Thank you Richard. Very touching and a great tribute to both the musician and man of faith that dad was. Jamie.

  2. Frank Wright
    Frank Wright says:

    I was a dear friend of Skip and Jamie up on the Trent canal back in the mid eighties I think. I used to sit in awe watching him create music out of nothing. Blew me away. I was there when he did cross over music and turned his life around to Jesus.. It was so sad to hear that he’d passed on. My condolences to his wife and family. Frank Wright


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