Upper Canada Village

Lorraine and I were out to Upper Canada Village on Saturday. Perfect summer day. Took my Leica M10 along for the practice and caught some great frames. The shot of the blacksmith above is one of my favourites from the day.

Lots of other characters though. The Asselstine Woolen Mill is powered by water and by steam.

This poor fellow had the joy of tending the flames of the Asselstine Mill’s steam engine during a hot summer day.

The carpenter took great pains to remind us that he worked primarily on fine furniture, not the coarse stuff. Looks like a fairly big axe on his workbench for working on fine furniture.

Then we bumped into the gardener tending the plants at the Crysler Hall. Quite the hat.

The seamstress was getting herself all setup. “Wool,” she told me, “is full of microscopic scales.” I guess that was how she could get her machine going without tying down the wool. Wool just wants to stick to things.

Off to the village printer. Every letter selected by hand and set by hand. A surprising number of font choices and sizes given the manual process of producing a newspaper back then.

Despite all of the wonderful, historic characters at Upper Canada Village, I was thrilled to spend the day with my very favourite person.


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