We recently downsized our house in the country to a wonderful condo in an historic building in downtown Kingston. And no, it is not the one pictured above. That house is a couple of doors down from where we are located. That house is currently for sale at $2.9 million. Expensive. Especially for Kingston.

I have been taking my new Leica M10 for a test drive around our neighbourhood. There are numerous heritage homes here. Many built in the late 1800s.

Some are freestanding. Many though are built sharing the outside walls of adjacent houses. Like this one.

When these homes were built, people were clearly much, much shorter in height. This doorway might be all of five feet and five inches in height.

Most of the homes in this area share a common laneway to the rear. Several have a side driveway although, as you can see, the driveway is very narrow.

There is a sense of Europe as I walk through this area. Street signs affixed to the corner of buildings.

Another example of a building squeezed between two freestanding houses. I wonder how they got the approval to build this way?

Laneways lead to garages. And living spaces on top of garages.

Here is another example of a beautiful heritage home with two addresses, 155 and 153. You can see 153 on the right hand side. It has an entrance door and a doorbell along with the signage.

From this angle you can see the impressive front entrance for 155. However, I cannot see any way to enter 153. It is surrounded by a fence and there is no stairway on the outside to get to the door.

There are numerous large residences that have been converted into multiple apartments like this one.

Loving the downtown area. Many points of interest.

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