Stage 8 Revolver + Revolver is Easy + Half is Easy

There it is. That word. Easy.

Maybe some of it was easy. I really could not tell. Hours of cruel and unusual punishment on a bike. And all I could ask myself: why? Why am I enduring so much pain and suffering? Why am I pushing myself to my limits?

I have no easy answer.

Stage 8 is done. One stage left.

The piece de resistance in Grunter von Agony”™s Symphony of Suffering. Stage 8 is so unbelievably cruel, so terrible, that the United Nations might halt the Tour. Hold on to your shredded chamois, ladies and gentlemen, this isn”™t going to be pretty. Stage 8 pits you against Sufferlandria”™s age-old nemesis, Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a route that will have cadence sensors and your legs begging for mercy. Revolver…but after that, it gets easy. And by easy I mean Revolver is Easy. But that”™s not all. Apparently Grunter thought Stage 8 wasn”™t easy enough. Out of character, I know. So he added Half Is Easy. Never before has the Tour of Sufferlandria demanded the kind of commitment to pure suffering that these 89 vomit-inducing intervals has. The end of the Tour is close but still so far away. COURAGE!

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