Stage 6 There Is No Try

Stage 6 is now done. Only 3 more stages before the Tour is finished.

I am confident about tomorrow’s stage. The stages for Saturday and Sunday? Well, I will soon find out if I can get through them at full intensity. I will finish the tour. Of that I have no doubt. Doing the Tour of Sufferlandria with a power meter and a smart trainer is much, much harder than riding based on heart rate and RPE alone.

A wise man once said, ”˜There is No Try. There is only Do. Or do not.”™ And, so, as you approach your turbo trainer for this video, you should only come if you are fully committed to doing what needs to be done in order to get faster. And getting faster is what this video is all about. Here, you come face to face with Sufferlandrian intervals. You see, Sufferlandrians get faster when other cyclists get tired.

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