Stage 5 Nine Hammers

I brought the vomit bucket down to my pain cave this morning. Yesterday’s stage was brutal and I had a pretty rough day after I finished the ride.

I was worried about this stage. I felt so awful on the bike yesterday. Would it be the same way today?

Everest. Across the Sahara. To the South Pole. Through the Northwest Passage. There are extreme journeys that capture the imagination. And now, Sufferlandria adds to those adventures with the journey of the Nine Hammers. Few can make it through this epic adventure ”“ but The Minions have confidence in you. Or maybe they just want to see you Suffer. You know how they are.

I made it through the nine hammers. Without throwing up. The ride went well. Hard. Very hard. But I made it.

I suspect part of the issue with yesterday’s stage was lack of hydration. For whatever reason I was failing to keep track of my fluid intake. I wasn’t on top of my daily hydration and it really showed up yesterday.

Feeling much better today.

I am not as worried about the next two stages. I will get through them.

Stage 8, on the other hand, is over two hours of hard riding and features 89 vomit-inducing intervals.

Stage 9? Well, let’s just say I am trying not to think about stage 9.

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