Stage 2 The Way Out + Power Station

I really won’t have much of a chance at recovery with this Tour of Sufferlandria. Nine consecutive days of brutal indoor training.

I have been working on at least 4 Sufferfest rides a week since October coupled with 1 or 2 Zwift rides a week. Overall I am feeling pretty confident with the early stages. I know I can get through them okay. It is stage 8 and 9 that have me concerned.

Today’s stage? Not so bad although almost 2 hours on a trainer can be mentally as well as physically challenging.

Before heading into the foothills of the Sufferlandrian highlands, the Tour will make a brief detour into Couchlandria. The breathtaking views and soothing narration of the Col Collective”™s saddle-adverse Mike Cotty is simply Grunter von Agony”™s attempt to distract you from the main event. After Col-blooded Cotty drops the base with The Way Out and the peloton re-enters Sufferlandria, you are going be put through the grinder and repeatedly thrown against a wall. Or more accurately, Hit By Wall. That”™s right, we”™re talking 11 low-cadence grinds up some of the steepest pitches in Sufferlandria, bringing the rating to a lava-licious 5 out of 5 volcanoes. Things are about to get painful.

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