Stage 1 Igniter + Long Scream

And so it begins. The Tour of Sufferlandria.

First up will be Igniter and The Long Scream:

At four out of five volcanoes, Stage 1 is the amuse bouche, a palate cleanser for what will be the most brutal nine course banquet of Suffering in cycling history. Igniter seems tame enough by itself, but it only sets the stage for what”™s to come. They say in Sufferlandria, no one can hear you Long Scream, and scream you will: 30+ minutes of non-stop, stem-chewing threshold effort. Brace yourselves. It’s going to do a long nine days.

I will be doing this stage first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll get through it although 30 minutes of riding above threshold is not going to be fun. Especially when the smart trainer’s resistance is being controlled by the Minions remotely.

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