Martin and 2 Million Guitars


I’ve never owned a Martin guitar, which is perhaps a bit unusual as I grew up during a time when Martin guitars were “the guitar” to own if you wanted a high quality acoustic. I was a bit of a rebel and I bought a Guild D-70 way back in 1972. I would have preferred the Martin however it was beyond my reach. I could not afford the D-35 at the time.

Since then, I have played Taylor and Collings acoustic guitars. The latter being an incredible acoustic guitar.

But, every now and then, I think about a Martin.

Number 2 million is based on a D-45 style body with Brazilian rosewood on the back and sides and Engelmann spruce on the top. Extensive handcrafted features borrow heavily from a watch design including a functional watch located in the headstock, courtesy of RGM Watchmakers.

Very unique looking instrument.


Here is a video from Guitar World with some background on the instrument.

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