Pedalboards Come and Pedalboards Go

Time to rebuild the large pedalboard. I needed to raid some pedals off one of my other pedalboards.



And after:


Although the time to rebuild this larger pedalboard took almost 6 hours to complete. Aside from getting the pedals into an optimum position, which seemed more like a twisted game of Tetris, I changed my mind a few times on whether to use a bypass looper or not — the bypass looper is the long silver pedal at the bottom right of the pedalboard. And would I use a 7 or 10 switch bypass looper. I wound up using the 10 switch bypass looper.

I use soldered cables for my pedalboards as I do not trust the solderless ones. Solderless cables have failed me too many times. Soldered cables? Not yet. With the big pedalboard, I have 23 cables connecting to the looper as well as a few other inline cables. I had to do a fair bit of soldering when rebuilding this pedalboard.

I finished it all up this morning just in time for practice this evening. I’ll be taking it out on the weekend and hopefully everything works without any issues.

The order of this pedalboard (ignore the switch labels on the looper in the photo above, I had to change them given the rebuild of this pedalboard):

Guitar -> EP Booster -> Keeley Compressor -> Looper Input -> Pog -> Fulltone Wah -> Timmy Overdrive -> Alpha Dog Distortion -> Big Muff Distortion/Sustain -> Volume -> Mobius Modulated Effects -> El Capistan Delay -> Timeline Delay -> Wet Reverb -> Looper Output -> Deco Tape Saturation -> Amp

The looper has a dedicated switch for mute and tuning. And I have a Strymon preset control switch on the lower left side of the pedalboard.

Which size do I prefer? The smaller the better. However, for some of the dates I play, bigger is required. Lots of tone tools on the bigger board. I like being able to kick in either the Alpha Dog or the Big Muff when an opportunity to solo comes along.

So heavy that big monster. So very heavy.

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