Samsung Galaxy Note 7


First it was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

Then it was Samsung washing machines exploding.

Looks like Samsung tablets can also generate a bit of heat.

Some of my friends asked me for my thoughts about the issues at Samsung.

I think a few Samsung executives should be fired.

To capitalize on the new design feature, I think Samsung should rename the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy Supernova.

I do agree that the sales of Samsung devices have ignited over the past few months.

I think Samsung should take over the manufacturing of the Kindle Fire for Amazon.

And, finally, I think that Samsung’s warranty statement should be revised to the following:

The warranty on your Samsung product does not cover the following: Accidents, fire, Acts of God, fire, lightning, fire, water, fire, public disturbances, fire, improper ventilation, fire, voltage fluctuations, fire or any cause beyond the control of Samsung such as fire.

I’m here all week.

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