When Your Boss Is An Algorithm


A friend passed me this story which reads in part:

This protest outside the UberEats office in south London on August 26 is one of the first industrial disputes to hit the city”™s so-called gig economy. It is a strange clash. These are workers without a workplace, striking against a company that does not employ them. They are managed not by people but by an algorithm that communicates with them via their smartphones. And what they are rebelling against is an app update.

I have made the observation that future society could be divided into three classes:
  1. Those that own and control capital (owners of the algorithms)
  2. Those that tend to and build the algorithms for the capitalists (technocrats)
  3. Those that compete for lousy wages to serve the capitalists and the technocrats (the other 99%)

That might be a very frightening society.

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