Renovation Work


In what passes for spare time these days, I have been busily engaged helping our church renovate the main auditorium. I had worked on the main front of house system several years back. The above shot shows the progress that we have been making on the stage.

This time, the list of audio/visual improvements for the auditorium was pretty extensive:

  • New stage lighting with three rows of lights, 12 LED Par fixtures and 4 LED Ellipsoidal fixtures
  • New DMX controllable LED house lights
  • New lighting controller
  • New stage curtains (not up when the above photo was taken)
  • New projection system for the front of house, 2 16×9 screens and 2 high performance projectors
  • Projection system for the back of house, 1 4×3 screen and 1 projector
  • Complete rewiring of the electrical system for the entire auditorium
  • New audio/visual booth
  • New digital audio console

And lots of wiring, programming and software updates for the various digital controllers and computers that support the programs we hold at our church.

This has been a big project and there is still a lot to do before we reopen the auditorium next week. Looks like my labour day weekend holds a lot of labour.

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