No More Excuses. Tomorrow Never Comes.


That was the subject of an email I received from TRX Training.

I first started using the TRX Suspension Training System when I was working with a personal trainer. Sadly, my personal trainer, after 5 years, decided to leave me for another career. Very sad, but I am slowly getting over the loss.

I have fallen off my core conditioning program and I could lay the blame on a multitude of factors. I could lay that on not being able to find another personal trainer. I could lay the blame on having too many competing priorities. Really, though, laying blame is more about finding excuses than making something happen.

With a lot of issues in life, stress inevitably creeps in. And stress can do weird things to perspective. I have been in a bit of a funk lately and blaming my lot in life: too many issues, too many commitments, not enough time, too busy. Many of the things that are important to do in life are getting dropped because I am too busy.

Too busy being stressed out.

I need to remind myself that life is not my enemy. My thinking is my enemy. If I want a different experience, I must change the way I think.

Lorraine bought me a book last night called The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha.

“You need to read this book and you need to act on it.”

No more excuses. Tomorrow never comes. Time to get on with it.

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