Grand Cayman Islands


The Grand Cayman Islands was certainly the nicest port of call on this particular Caribbean cruise. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful homes, particularly around the Seven Mile Beach. And very clean.

No dock so we had to get aboard a tender to go ashore.


We walked around the main shopping and dining area by the port and decided to take lunch at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.


Our tour started around 1pm and so we made our way back to the pier to find our group and our guide. We had several stops along the way including the far end of the Seven Mile beach. It just seems too perfect to me.


So we went to Hell. Hell, Grand Cayman Islands that is.


Fortunately, Lorraine is an angel and she helped me out of Hell. Thank goodness.


Our last stop on the tour was the turtle farm. Lorraine was able to hold one of the baby turtles.


We have a bit of a tradition in that if we happen to be near a large body of water, like an ocean or a sea, not usually lakes or rivers, Lorraine likes to get her feet wet. I have to document this tradition by capturing the event.


We had a few more hours to explore our port of call before returning to the ship. Wonderful day.


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