Leaving Port Canaveral


There is a sense of excitement and anticipation as you start your travel adventures. And a cruise is really no different. It is so cool to get that first view of the ship.

We had taken a Disney Cruise bus from our resort hotel in Orlando directly to the ship in Port Canaveral. I was able to get the above shot from my seat in the bus as we made our way to the terminal.

Unlike prior cruises, we literally just walked on. No waiting. Our stateroom was ready for us. Again, no waiting.


We had our first meal at the Enchanted Gardens restaurant.


We spent the balance of our first day exploring the ship. As you can tell from the photos, this ship is huge.

Oh, and yes, there were about 5,000 or so people on board. I’m not sure where they all went but I suspect either topside on the pool deck or unpacking luggage in their staterooms. The rest of the ship was literally empty.





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