My First Studio

I kept all of it. Every brochure and quote. On every bit of equipment I thought I would need to open a recording studio. Back in 1979.

418 pages.

I scanned it all into Evernote. I figured that if I had kept it for almost 40 years, I should have it in my digital box of memories.

The cost of recording technology in the 1970s was so expensive. My plan was to open an 8-track recording studio.

Yes. Eight mighty tracks of analog tape bliss.

I never did so, thankfully. The bottom of the recording market literally disappeared with project studios and then home studios.

My weapon of choice back then? The Otari MX7800.


You can pick one up now for under a thousand dollars like this one that recently closed on eBay.


My current Pro Tools HD rig can handle 256 tracks. Maybe a touch more powerful than the MX7800.

Times change.

The console that I wanted to get back then was a Soundcraft Series 400.


You can also pick up a newer model of the 400 for under a thousand dollars as well.


Much better time of life to get into recording gear.


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