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I have been on Pro Tools for a long time. Since 1997.

It is pretty much the standard DAW for the recording industry. And I am quite invested in the platform both from a software and hardware perspective.

This is a shot of my current Pro Tools HD rig which includes the usual hardware dongles (HD interfaces and IO) as well as a hardware controller (D-Command).

pro tools rig

I am running Pro Tools 10.3.9. And I am stuck.

This version of Pro Tools is running on an unsupported release of Mac OS X. And this version of Pro Tools is now 2 major point releases backdated.

To move the platform forward would require a complete overhaul of the computer, operating system, and a significant investment in shifting to a software subscription model. The days are also numbered on how much longer Avid will continue to support the D-Command console.

I am not a fan of software subscriptions. It is a way for software companies to shift from perpetual licenses that you can buy and hold to a monthly payment that literally holds you captive to a license that you can only ever rent.

So, I did something that I did not think I would ever do. I decided to try out a different DAW for a change.

I am trying out Logic Pro X.

Basically, I am taking some of my recent Pro Tools sessions and I am working them up under Logic. Just to see how far off this platform might be from Pro Tools. To confirm whether the Pro Tools lock-in is really justified. To confirm that I can hear differences in how the Pro Tools DAW operates compared to something like Logic.

I’ll get a better sense of its strengths and limitations over the next few months. I don’t have an active mix project underway right now so it gives me a chance to try out something new.

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  1. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    I would recommend giving Cubase 8.5 a shot. They have integrated a lot of features found in pro tools into it such as playlists and VCA’s and their maintenance releases to address issues have been on a more frequent schedule. I believe they have a demo version available on their site.


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