Stage 9: Power Station


Here it is. The final stage of the Tour of Sufferlandria. Done.

This tour was so hard to do. I will need a couple of days to recover.

One of my fellow Sufferlandrians over at the Facebook group said it best:

I really enjoy this community and want to congratulate every person for fighting through the Tour of Sufferlandria. It really is a special thing as each person has to fit this in with a busy life that could include work, family and other commitments. Making the effort to push each day to be better than the day before is just awesome to watch. The unique nature of the videos allows each person to come as they are and push themselves. It’s not about what anyone else does but looking in the mirror and knowing you took a step forward to improve the person you are looking at.
Whatever got you here and whatever challenge you face doing the Tour is your own and you are better for it.
Thank you David McQuillen and Jared McClintock for being so present throughout. You have created a special community where friendships and camaraderie can grow no matter where in the world a person resides.
Here’s to suffering in the Tour and throughout the year.

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