Ten Years Later


Bankers boxes.

Lots and lots of bankers boxes. Full of paper items.

I have made some great progress in terms of purging a number of those bankers boxes. I have scanned items that I wish to keep. And I have released to the shredding and recycling bins those items that do not hold any meaning.

Time capsules have been created for my children. And one time capsule for Lorraine and myself. Most of what we have will be contained in a digital time capsule. Only a few items will retain their physical form.

I am really pleased that we are doing this purge now. It would not be fair for my children to have to sort through all of this stuff sometime in the future.

Yesterday, as I was working through one of the boxes, I found a file folder labelled RV Research. It contained all sorts of material on RVs. From ten years ago.

The 2006 Dutch Star looked like this:


Fast forward a decade and this is the 2016 Dutch Star:


Here is an interior shot:

DS Interior

Similar in some ways and dramatically different in other ways. A lot has changed in ten years.

It was our dream back then to get an RV and travel around North America. Sometimes dreams can get put on hold for a season.

But not forever.

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