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My good friends at Garmin wrote me to highlight a new product they just announced at CES called the Varia Vision In-Sight Display.

The Varia Vision is a lightweight display that attaches itself to either side of a pair of sunglasses and provides information from either the Garmin Edge 1000 or the Edge 520 cycling computers. It can also connect to the Varia Rearview Radar to let you know about vehicles approaching from behind.

I suppose one advantage of this heads-up display is that you do not have to look down to your handlebar for your ride data. I’m not sure I would want to have a blind spot in my field of view and I am not sure how older riders like myself would be able to focus on the display. I do not ride with my prescription. I have no issue with glancing down to my Edge head unit on the handlebars for ride data — I can easily make out the information without my prescription — however I am not sure whether I could focus on a heads up display perched a few millimetres in front of my cycling glasses.

Pricing is roughly $500 or so in Canada. It is a lightweight device weighing in at about 30 grams. The battery life is up to eight hours.

Interesting though to see how technology is rapidly transforming all sorts of activities. Even riding a bike.

Speaking of which, only 10 more weeks before the outdoor riding season arrives.

Garmin’s promotional video is below.

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