Celebrate Christmas Tomorrow Night


Doug van der Horden will be our lead vocalist tomorrow night. Beside Doug is Rachel Mallory. She will also be one of our main vocalists. Nathanael Morrison, in a thoughtful pose over the laptop, will be driving our multimedia support for the event. And way back there is Mike Kidd, our acoustic guitarist.


Me on my 1963 Strat playing through a 5-watt Swart.


Jeff Babcock is on drums for the event. We will have him on a riser so that everyone can see him tomorrow night.


Kori Francis covers percussion and vocals.


The section that powers the vocalists.


The guitar players do their thing.


Josh Cleaver covers on bass. Setting the groove with Jeff.


And last but certainly not least, Steve Ball on keys.

A great team and we are looking forward to an awesome evening at tomorrow’s sold out event at the Bader Centre for the Performing Arts.

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