The Christmas Gig


This is where we will be holding the Celebrate Christmas concert in a few days.

And this is my setup for the evening.

No, I won’t be taking out my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier with the 4×12 cab. I will be taking my two Swart amps. Both are low wattage amps. The larger Swart is 20 watts. And the smaller one is 5 watts. I will be using the smaller Swart as my primary amp and the larger one as a backup. That little amp puts out some serious guitar tone.

And I will have my two Strats out for the evening. I’ve decided to play my 1963 Strat even though I really love my copper Strat with the pine body.

The big pedalboard will also come out to play that night.

Tunes are all memorized. Fingers are all working. Tones are sounding great out of the amp. Ready for Sunday.

Celebrate Christmas Guitar

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