I Get Email

From: A vendor
To: me

Hi Richard,

I’ve been trying to reach you and understand you are very busy. Please advise for your reason of no response:

A. You are not interested in our company at this time.
B. You have gone down a deep dark Wikipedia rabbit hole. Your lack of response is really a cry for help.
C. You are interested in our company, let’s sync up in a few weeks.
D. You are interested in our company, let’s sync up next Wednesday.


Kind Regards,
A vendor

From: Richard Cleaver
To: A vendor

Please advise for your reason to keep sending me unsolicited emails:

A) You did not read my last response
B) My email went directly to your SPAM folder and so you assumed that I had never responded
C) You are using a RoboMailer so you really don’t know who responds
D) You like sending me emails even if you think I don’t respond


Fearless recipient of thousands and thousands of unsolicited emails from vendors

So. Many. Vendors. So. Little. Time.

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